Flashlight is an important tool and has a great use and value in our everyday life. Which is why, it’s only logical that people include compact flashlights in their EDCs.

Here is a list of some really cool EDC flashlights for those who are looking for a durable and efficient product.

Sure Fire Titan Plus:

It is a 3 inches size and two ounce in weight with a single AAA battery installed in it. It offers 300 lumens powered from this single AAA battery. By twisting the head switch of Titan Plus you can access two other levels of brightness. The lowest setting provides 15 lumens of brightness for around 7 hours and 300 lumens for approximately 1 hour. This is the best edc flashlight for the money.

Thrunite Ti3

Another best everyday carry flashlight comes with cool white light as well as cool neutral light which appears to be really cool because you can select the desired choice that’s perfect for you. It has CREE XP-G2 R5 LED. It further has a single AAA battery and its beam is comparable to 625 candles’ illumination at the distance of 50 meters. It has four modes for you which include firefly and strobe mode. It provides 12 lumens for approximately 6 hours and 120 lumens for around 30 minutes.

Zebra Light SC5

The zebra light SC5 is powered by a single AA battery which can be NiMH, alkaline or lithium in nature. It has CREE XM-L2 white LED. There are three main levels of brightness in Zebra Light SC5 with sub levels of illuminations too. It has a feature of stepping down the level of brightness or illumination with the current power of the battery. It has a weight of 2 ounces and has a diameter of 1.0 along with 3.2 inches of length. At lowest setting it offers 3.2 lumens for around 4 days and at highest setting 325 lumens for nearly 0.8 hours.


This one has a CREE XM-L2 CW LED and a single A battery .It has 3 basic modes along with 2 specialty modes. With specialty mode you can have lumen moonlight mode as well as a strobe mode of 10Hz. With 3 basic modes you have the choice between 8, 80 and 500 lumens. It has a strong magnetic the tail cap so you don’t have to worry about it being knocked over because you can make it safe on a metal exterior with the given magnet. At its lowest setting it provides 0.5 lumens up to 600 hours and 500 lumens for around 5 minutes. Be sure to also check out some good tips for buying the best tactical flashlight, which comes very handy in self-defense situations or if you just want a very powerful and tough flashlight for day to day use.